Traits of a Good Nanny

Published: 24th April 2009
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There are many nannies available, but parents select only those nannies who can keep their child happy and healthy. If you want to work as a nanny, you have to demonstrate that you are the best candidate for the position. Some of the qualities that a nanny should have are as follows: See to it that nanny shows personal interest in your child and also that your child is comfortable with her. She should be excited in meeting your child. A good nanny will not keep thinking about money all the time. Although money is the most important aspect while attending the interview, the question of money should never precede the actual job offer. A nanny can be well paid, if she works well. There are many nannies who solely work for paycheck, but a little child's life is being put in the hands of a virtual stranger. Make sure that money isn't their only goal. You may need someone who works not for greed or money, but to protect the well being of your child. There are some nannies that get nervous on seeing a small kid, but then, they are not nannies.

Nannies should have confidence in their ability to communicate with your child and should not hesitate when asked to hold them. Make sure that she understands and respects your child beliefs and values. Some women have a set of values and rules which they want to instill in their kids. Your kids are your kids. Be sure they won't inflict their ideas and values on your child. Your nanny should be trustworthy. Your nanny should not look in the least bit concerned when you say that you will be dropping in every once in a while. If she looks shocked or upset at the very idea, forget her. A good nanny won't care, and frequent popping in should not pose any kind of threat or problem.

You should have a playful personality. You can find a nanny's behavior as he or she interacts with your child. A nanny will ask how you are and engage in friendly conversation. A nanny want discuss her personal problems with you. If you want to become a nanny ask your friends or family what qualities they like in you. A nanny has Inquisitive nature. He or she will ask a lot of questions regarding the child as to what is child's favorite food, movie, games and stuffed animals etc. To become a good nanny, you should ask questions that will make your nanny status more enjoyable and effective. A nanny should always be on time and not give any lame excuses if she is late. If you want to become a great nanny it would be nice if you come 5-10 minutes early before parents leave for work. If you are coming late, let the parents know in advance so that they can make alternative arrangements.

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